Lost in lines

Let’s get lost in a maze of concrete, vines, and sun.  We’ll surround ourselves with the architecture of rows and columns.



Trees & things.

Hold her up.

Take your pick.


Stuck in a Seth dream.

Front row.

Mr. & Ms. P&G.

Soap & candles.

A few lines.

Seeing the end.

Go to the light.

The neighbors.

Past your bedtime.

Location: Procter and Gamble headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio.

24 responses to “Lost in lines

  1. Beautiful shots! To me, shooting in a location like this one would feel challenging. Perhaps, it would even feel like a challenge I could never successfully meet. But you have done something amazing by finding such a beautiful theme. I feel like you have shown me a glimpse of something magical … something I wouldn’t have seen on my own.

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