Details in the city

Often times we see the city as a whole.  We see big buildings, lots of people, and hear firecrackers of noise.  But, if you slow it all down, the bits and bobs come into view.

Todd's boat.

Todd’s boat.

The posts.

The silver bits.

The guards.

The odd.

The clashers.

The pointers.

The markers.

The counters.

32 responses to “Details in the city

  1. These are some of my favourite things to see when I go travelling. I live somewhere very boring and recently established so there’s no cool old architecture to wonder over.

  2. One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is just head downtown to Chicago, wander around aimlessly, and just try to find as many cool and interesting little details like this around the city. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It’s astonishing how many little things there are everywhere.

  3. Uniontown, PA is a small town with beautiful, historic buildings. I was just pointing out the details the other day to my son as we drove by. Thank you for sharing the gems you’ve captured.

  4. The ship is reminiscent of Peter the Great’ s symbol in St Petersburg. I have a fascination with sailing ships as my great grandfather sailed on tea clippers in the 19th century. Thanks for reminding me x

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