Les arbres

Les arbres, træerne, Ang mga puno, Los árboles, or Die Bäume.  However you say it, the trees are a magnificent group.  Tree art in particular is one of my favorite things to hunt for while taking snaps.  I hope you enjoy this snowy tree art.





Best “Afro Poli” imitation.

Kriss Kross

Helping hand.

Hanging by a

27 responses to “Les arbres

  1. My first thought of the tree in the foreground in “Aligator” was of one of those bucking machines that are in some bars.
    Nice work. These are beautiful.

  2. I love your newest edition of tree art, one of your “signature” series. I like the way that you are able to capture so many different views of the beautiful trees in all times of the year.

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