Cold close up

I am glad that I was able to snap some pictures a few days ago.  It’s just too cold to be outside right now.   Yes, it was cold when I snapped these.  It was a balmy 5F.  But now it’s minus something.

"Come on, put em up!"

“Come on, put em up!”

Raising hands.

Mug shot.

Proper personal space.

Ebb and flow.

Deer print.


Blue suede shoe prints.

Resting place.



26 responses to “Cold close up

    • trying.. Our central heating went out. But Todd’s dad is a retired heater man so he brought a couple of heaters for the night and is going to fix it tomorrow. Thankful!

  1. Awesome snow pics! Looks so beautiful! Burrrr sounds cold there! I won’t grip anymore about 37 degrees or rain!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  2. Great images. My favorite is “Raising Hands”. I live in Florida and despise cold weather, but your images of snow are just beautiful! I have a question for you–I am in the market for a new camera to shoot my art. Nikon or Canon? I’ve read reviews of both, but I wanted your professional opinion. Thanks! 🙂

    • I love my Nikon 5200. I also used to have Nikon 3100. Both have been great and very durable. I haven’t used a Canon DSLR before so I can’t comment on them. However, I honestly don’t think you could go wrong with either. It really depends on what you want to spend and what you’ll be using it for. You might want to start out with a baseline camera and go from there. Let me know what you decide.

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