Blurs of my racing mind

Driving along the country roads, my mind weaves with the car as is bends and moves around curves.  I find myself thinking from past to present to future and back to past again.  The view from my eyes is never clean and crisp but is filled with the blurs of my racing mind.

Lost in all three times.

Lost in all three times.

Do you see what I see?

33 responses to “Blurs of my racing mind

  1. Waiting for the waves to freeze..gets colder but yet ..rippling waves tease the snow fallen over trees and landed beside the stream..leaves earlier fallen had enjoyed the flow and no more..we must wait for spring to return the trees..with snow no more.

  2. Looks like my winter drive to work…teaching in Sussex County NJ!! It was a very beautiful, snowy, hilly, winding road, too!! Your photos brought back memories I’d forgotten now that I’m surrounded by palm trees and sunny days!! Great job!!

      • Looking at it from inside a nice warm toasty house…maybe, but not driving in it, or shoveling it!!

        We’re vacationing on Longboat Key, this week, at the beach, 85 degrees…I’m not thinking of any snow except for the flakes that came from the snow machine they ran at church on Sunday! Ha!

        But I love your photos that remind me of it!! Enjoy your white Christmas!!

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