Me, the duck

Today, I leave my current human worries, thoughts, and fears behind.  For today, I have decided to be a duck.  I’ll fly around the local pond, quacking my cares away.  I’ll dip my feet into the cool water and float until I have no thoughts. Back and forth on the pond I’ll go, occasionally tasting the local cuisine.  You’ll come visit me and I’ll let you pet me, if you bring me bread crumbs.  I’ll even quack you a song.  Or better yet, why don’t you join me?  We’ll be a flock and fly off into the distance, carefree and happy.

Wings of blue.

Wings of blue.

Caption Joe.

Adams family.

Supper time.

26 responses to “Me, the duck

  1. I love ducks! These pictures, as with all of your work, are so gorgeous. I can’t get over how blue the wing feathers are on the duck in the first picture. And I’ve always loved photos of rippling water. So, so pretty!

  2. Mallards in our local Park have every need to be scared of humans (well a few) . It always happens at this time of year, there numbers keep falling, enticed by bread they come to feed and a hand suddenly grabs one and you can guess the rest. Catching the ducks seems easier than catching the culprits sadly.

  3. Great shot! I think I’ll pass on being a duck………….my feet get cold just looking at you! I’ll stay on the bank with my warm socks and boots and toasty coat. Quack on, Seth.

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