Horse drawn beauty

For the past twenty-five years, Lebanon has hosted a horse drawn carriage Christmas parade.  It has quickly become a local favorite and a Christmas must see. This year, although bitterly cold, the parade lived up to its tradition of crowd pleasing good hoofin’ fun.

Candy Cane fun.

Candy Cane fun.

“Clovis, look at all those folks! This is a great people parade. I love how they are all decorated.”

“I look good!”






Queen Josie.

He’s caught!

24 responses to “Horse drawn beauty

  1. Loved this! We owned a percheron draft horse that looked like the picture you titled dash we lost her two years ago and she will never be forgotten. We have three horse and one ponkey (cross between a donkey and a pony) they are all getting on in years now take care and keep on snapping those great shots

  2. Thanks Seth! I love that you share with us all….I really like the horse drawn carriages and these pictures are just wonderful! It would’ve been great to see in person! Thanks again, Have an awesome week – Many Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

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