Tis the season

Todd and I went to the 25th Historic Christmas Festival and Horse Drawn Carriage Parade last night in the local town of Lebanon.  The city was lit up and ready to celebrate the season.  It was cold but all were warmed with hot chocolate and some good holiday cheer.

Beautiful setting.

Beautiful setting.

Colors of the seasons.

Light of my world.

Perfect setting.

Looking up.

Holiday dinner.

Warm and inviting.

Ice cream?

Don’t you cry for me!

45 responses to “Tis the season

  1. I absolutely love “Light of my World” and “Warm and Inviting”. You should make a Christmas Calendar and market it to local book stores. That would be cool. I wish you could come to Kennesaw, GA (right outside of Atlanta), take all kinds of fantastic pictures, and make a calendar. I’d buy everything. I’d love to have my office filled with Atlanta pictures taken by my favorite photographer. 🙂

    • Thanks! Very kind of you. I lived in Atlanta for about 2 months when I trained at Delta, in my old life, at flight attendant training. Nice place. And of course, I used to fly through there all the time. I’ll have to stop down there and take some photos of Olympic Park, Stone Mountain, and all the peach streets/ave/roads. 🙂

  2. Seth, you put me in Christmas mood now – not a fan of Christmas as such, but I love the lights, the warmth … the decorations … the snow … Thanks for taking me for a walk in a winter wonderland. *smile

  3. Love your perfect “Christmas Card” photos, Seth!! Everything looked so bright and festive…the photos made me feel refreshingly chilly…even in our 85 degree temperatures here in FL!!!

  4. Looks like a beautiful Christmas. Unfortunately here in Australia it’s always so hot and even if we’ve never had a “white” Christmas it just never seems like Christmas.

  5. I love them all! I love how it looks like time stood still from the 50’s. I keep thinking that Jimmy Steward it going to peak around one of those corners. Great “Americana” – Great holiday feel. Thanks for sharing.

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