Jackson begs

Jackson comes to you and humbly asks that you please purchase a SethSnap 2014 Calendar.  He has bragged to all his friends about how he is Mr. December.  It will embarrass him greatly if just a few are sold.  How can you resist a face like this?



I love all y’all!

Baylee, Jackson’s muscle.

P.S. Tell me if you like the backgrounds.  I used photoshop’s “smudge” tool to turn the background into what you see.  Jackson was sitting in his old man chair.  I smudge it and used the colors of the chair to create that design.  For Baylee, who was on the floor, I used her own hair to create the look. 

36 responses to “Jackson begs

  1. Hey sweet Seth, when do the calendars get mailed?mi ordered one from you and can’t wait to get it!! I adore these pooch pics!! Awesome! Hugz Lisa and Bear

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