Identify me

I met this cute bird near my work the other day.  I’ve tried to figure out just what he is but can’t seem to find a good match.  I know some of you are really good bird identifiers and am hoping you can help me identify him.  I’m thinking he could be a Yellow-throated Vireo or a Pine Warbler.  Also, if you could help me get the word out about my calendar, I’d appreciate it.  Please tweet, blog or Facebook this page. (You can copy and paste the link or go to the page and hit the appropriate social media button at the bottom.)  I’m at 34 calendars sold and there’s just over a week left.  My goal was 100. I am way off! Thanks!




23 responses to “Identify me

  1. You are out west, right? Hmmm. . . this little guy has the appearance of a warbler to me, and I was never good at warblers, especially in the fall. Too many of them, and such little variation in fall plumage. In Peterson’s Field Guide there is a spread of a couple of pages of what he called “Confusing Fall Warblers.” I never studied them too closely because I figured if they were confusing to Peterson, then I would be a lost cause. I’m much better with birds of prey and waterfowl. Sorry. 😦

      • I tried looking at some of those bird charts too but I couldn’t make out enough detail on the bird to find a match. Or I guess a bird book would have the answer. I’m sure you’ll find it eventually or somebody else will come up with the answer. Good luck.

  2. It’s a tough call to identify the bird. As one of your other readers noted, there are a lot of different warblers that look similar. In cases like this, I like to make up my own names for the birds.

  3. This is an adorable little bird! Unsure of what it is though. I took some bird shots the other day and put them on my page. I was taking a picture or a rose push and the bird just flew into it! I feel like sometimes the best pictures just come to you! ❤ Do you have a link to your calendar?

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