The pond

Todd and I discovered a new place a few weekends ago.  It’s a beautiful setting with trees, soft paths, lakes, and creatures.  You’ve seen a bit of it already in a few previous posts.  This is where Mary lives, right along the edge of the water.  So let’s revisit Miami Whitewater Forest.  This visit, let’s ponder the beautiful water, the reflection of the trees, and the day moon.  Get your 2014 SethSnap Calendar and help those in need. 

The day moon.

The day moon.

Arm around shoulder.

Mother Nature’s mirror.

Light unto my path.

The dance.



Seeing clearly.


26 responses to “The pond

  1. Great example, Seth, of “light unto my path!” I love these photos, so peaceful! Years ago in NJ, when I taught middle school, we took our 6th graders each year to a camp in Sussex County that looked like this…brings back fun memories!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Nice. 🙂 Sounds like you had a good time. Thanks! Although…. Do six graders still like their teachers? Either way, I am sure they loved you. 🙂

      • Well, actually they like their teachers better on field trip/camping trip situations a lot better than in the classroom, since we’re not asking them to do paperwork!! Ha!

        I still teach 6th graders now in my part-time position…I’m sure they like me…after all, I’m fun!!

        And a few of them are also on our drama team!! I like that age, because they’re competent and enthusiastic…yet all that energy needs to be tamed!! Ha! And it’s exhausting!!

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