Misty, the beautiful mourning dove, was perched in her favorite “thinking” place.  It had been awhile since she visited and she was happy to finally stop and rest.  As she peered out over the Hoover lake, the film of her life played across her memory. Only a little time left to buy your 2014 SethSnap Calendar. 

Deep thoughts

Deep thoughts

Where I’ve been.


More about the Misty’s kind.

21 responses to “Misty

  1. Someday I hope to take pictures of birds too…I didn’t know I even liked birds till this last year with my break down. But then while sitting in the livingroom when we first moved in, the birds would come to the fence, and chirp….sometimes they seemed to be talking to me and I’d say ‘good morning’ and they would say good morning and go off. It was the strangest thing….but it opened something in me that I had not thought was even there.

    I’ve always maintained that I ‘hated’ birds….but really I don’t…I hate that they are trapped in cages, unable to do what they were born to do…in some ways…I felt very similar to them.

    I hated that I was trapped. SO! I love your birds 😉

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