The fifth annual “Duckarade” occurred this past weekend in a local park near Cincinnati.  Ohio’s finest mallards marched while singing their quack anthem.  Get your 2014 SethSnap Calendar before it’s too late. 

This way boys!

This way boys!

Cannnn’t finned that itch!

“Buster, dude, check out those legs on 7:00”!

Deep in thought, solving climate change, Kenny didn’t notice the large man taking his picture.

Alfonzo is camera shy.

“By golly, listen to me, you are going the wrong way!’

“I’m quacky and I know it!”

“Wait, what are we doing again?”

Tucker, the grand marshal.

As the duckarade ended, the gang leisurely floated away and all that could be heard was “Hey where’s Kenny?”

Kenny, finally solving the problems of climate change, continued down the parade route. Too bad his little brain can’t hold memories longer than a few minutes.  

17 responses to “Duckarade

  1. Really fun ! Ducks are rather nice birds … we have some around here, but, I think we have more geese, especially this time of year. They come visit from Canada. They aren’t quite as nice as ducks, though I love to watch them fly — and come in for a landing.

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