Injustice of my words

What words can be used to adequately describe the beauty that is Ohio in the fall?  I can think of none, at least with my little writing talent, that can convey how the bright colors, sparkling water, and cool breeze touch my soul and refresh me.  So, why don’t I just show you.  Get your 2014 SethSnap Calendar.

Color me autumn.

Color me autumn.

Enjoying a cool pick-nick.


Paint me with the sun.

Closed for the season.


Color me with water.


Winter coat.

Hanging on.

Don’t look too close.



59 responses to “Injustice of my words

    • Thanks! I am a southern boy and I don’t remember them that red either. 🙂 Maybe it’s because of all the pine trees. We don’t have as many of those up here. More colorful trees.

  1. Hi Seth! I just love your pictures….particularly colour me autumn and resting….they both resonate…..thanks so much for sharing….Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

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