Inniswood Gardens

There’s a new place I’ve discovered.  New to me.  It’s filled with many different photo opportunities.  Elevated trails allow a hassle free venture into the forest.  Cute furry animals happily show you about.  Folks mill around, usually followed by a guy with a camera trying to capture that lifetime moment.  It’s called Inniswood Gardens and it’s now mine.  Consider buying a SethSnap 2014 Calendar.



Elevated walk.

Did anyone hear?

Ah the colors of fall.

A SethSnap view.

The secret entrance.

Leaf invasion.


Squirrel vision.


Portrait of… no one.

The mayor.



33 responses to “Inniswood Gardens

  1. “Portrait of No One” reminds me of people who place benches in their gardens in place where no one would ever sit. So the bench gazes out in the neighbor’s shed, not into the courtyard where the children play. Sad.

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