Gettin’ lost in the woods

It’s impossible these days to get truly lost. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to explore.  If you want to try your hand at getting lost, visit a local park. Recently Todd and I hit the trails at Woodland Mound Park, just north of the Ohio River near Cincinnati. Below is what we discovered.  Don’t forget to get a 2014 SethSnap Calendar.  You only have a short time to buy one.

Lonely fellow.

What is is?

Testing out the equipment.

Bunny bridge.




Whose lost?

A bit hairy.

Accent lighting.

Brilliant light.

41 responses to “Gettin’ lost in the woods

  1. I think it could still be done if you were in the woods of north Central Pennsylvania, and if you managed to go in circles, but you’d likely be found by another hiker or a fly fisherman. 🙂 Lovely
    photos as always, Seth.

  2. May be not physically lost but ‘lost in thoughts’ is perhaps the next best experience and woodland and mountains are perhaps the best two places for that. Nice Fall colour, nice shot.

  3. My favorite one is the fall tree that is gorgeous 🙂 It’s been way too long since I’ve stopped by your page ❤ Happy to report I just got my new Canon Rebel T3 EOS in the mail. My first DSLR. I can't wait to go exploring and use it. Thank you for continuing to motivate me to do that.

      • thank you! I was advised my a photographer friend to go with the Canon Rebel T3 as opposed to the Nikon. They were both in the same price point but was told Canon was the better choice for the price. Was quite a large investment for me but figured its high time I stopped using things like camera phones and get a grown up camera lol! thanks for stopping by my page the other day! going to go out and see if I can get some good fall pics….

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