Sit with us

Hey you! Yes, you! Follow the sound of our voice through a field that still looks green though the air has turned and soon it will be brown.  Do you see the yellow and red leaves hanging over head?  We beckon for you to sit down, surround yourself with color, and imagine you are a child again.  Oh we had so much fun when you were young didn’t we?  We built leave forts together, and laid out our future mansions.  We would fall but you’d be there to catch us.  You took us to class for show and tell and we basked in all the attention.  We’ve missed you.

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Yes you!

How do I look?

Formal attire.

Story time.

Story time.

41 responses to “Sit with us

  1. It’s not autumn where I am, in fact the sun is just reappearing after months of being in hiding, but pictures like this remind me of wearing boots, parkas, jumping puddles and pasting leaves on white paper.

  2. Wonderful post, I love how you combine text and image here. And while reading it the first time, the usual quick way, I realised I had to slow down, and then read it again, properly, really listening to those leaves. We are right in this season now where I live, and I will think of your post whenever I see all the leaves on the ground. Truly inspiring, thank you!

  3. I thought of you the other day! I was just merrily walking minding my own business. It was a nice autumn day. The wind was blowing. Leaves were flying. It was an overcast day so it was my favorite type of weather and I’m just absently staring at the sky and trees and the color and told myself i better get back to your blog to see the awesome fall photos you are probably posting. And then i get slapped in the face by a leaf. Lol. Yes , the leaf was right, I should of checked back here sooner! silly me for being absent for so long!

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