The fields are alive

The fields are alive with the full palette of fall colors. What’s your favorite fall color?

Shades of orange.

Shades of orange.


Above the rest.


52 responses to “The fields are alive

  1. Fall is my favorite season. Love the crisp, cool nights. If the leaves turn before they fall off the trees (I live in NJ) I love the bright red leaves of Autumn.

      • Yup, pink Bougainvillea, red, yellow, & coral Hibiscus, some lovely purple flowers, and gorgeous yellow ones, too!! All beautifully tropical, which I love…but I still miss the Fall earth-tone colors, falling leaves, and cool crisp weather…of the mountains in Sussex County, NJ!!

  2. Shades of orange is my favorite in this collection. I am so glad we’re having a mild autumn where I live, because the beautiful leaves are still hanging on.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the full palette of autumnal shades, but am a particular fan of the burnished orangey-gold you’ve captured so beautifully in that first photo 🙂

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