SethSnap 2014 Calendar: July

It’s time to pick your favorite picture from July of 2013.  Your favorite photo will be used as July’s picture on my 2014 calendar.  Please vote by commenting with your choice.  There is still time to vote for January, February, March, April, May, and June.

Option 1

Option 1

Funny Red Faces,  July 16, 2013- Middletown, Ohio

Option 2

Tiny & Bertha, July 30, 2013- Landon, Ohio

Option 3

Wakeboard with me, July 29, 2013- West Chester, Ohio

Option 4

Paint with me, July 28, 2013- West Chester, Ohio

Option 5

Classic, July 14, 2013- Middletown, Ohio

148 responses to “SethSnap 2014 Calendar: July

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  2. Option 1 – it reminds me of the time we were visiting my brother in law in Ohio and it was the day of a balloon festival and they filled the skies – it was an awesome sight!

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