SethSnap 2014 Calendar: April

It’s time to pick which photo you’d like for me to use for April in the SethSnap 2014 calendar.  The following snaps are my top five choices from April 2013.  If you are just now joining us, please visit January, February, and March’s posts to vote for those months.

Option 1

Option 1

Bee Madness, April 24, 2013- Miamisburg, Ohio

Option 2

Sunset in Spring, April 22, 2013- Miamisburg, Ohio

Option 3

Tree Art at CNC, April 4, 2013- Cincinnati, Ohio

Option 4

Turtles and Tadpoles, April 1, 2013- Cincinnati, Ohio

Option 5

Kaleidoscope Sky, April 30, 2013- Morrow, Ohio

145 responses to “SethSnap 2014 Calendar: April

  1. Option 5 is my favorite. Although I love the Miamisburg photos too because my brother lives there! I think I’ll buy him one of your calendars, too!

  2. The turtle … is my pick, because normally in calendars are just about flowers and great views – love the oddness and cuteness in this shot.

  3. option 2 – sunset in spring – great title for that picture. the pictures are getting more difficult to choose from!

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