SethSnap 2014 Calendar: February

It’s time to help me decide which photo I should use for February in my 2014 calendar.  If you missed yesterday’s post, please click here to see what this is all about. (You can still vote for January’s picture, if you haven’t already)

Here are my favorite five photos from all of February’s 2013 blog posts.  Please vote for one of these five by leaving a comment below with your preference.  The photo that gains the most votes, will be used in the calendar for February.

Option 1

Option 1

Lake Isabella: Up close, February 7, 2013-Loveland, Ohio

Option 2

Bird Snow Paradise, February 4, 2013-Morrow, Ohio

Option 3

Findlay Market, February 27, 2013-Cincinnati, Ohio

Option 4

Your Story: Cowology, February 2, 2013-Warren County, Ohio

Option 5

Queen Josephine of Nunner Road, February 17, 2013- Maineville, Ohio

178 responses to “SethSnap 2014 Calendar: February

  1. I like option 3, cowology. I love that they’re all cuddled up to keep warm but the one by itself is cold and sad. A bittersweet picture. Do you draw also?

  2. option 2 with the contrast between brilliant red and stark black and white so much symbolism harsh winter, red of life in bird, wings battling to stay aloft , to reach food and to live. love #1 as well

  3. Option 2 is striking. I like 3 too but I’d crop some of the distracting blurry red on the far right.

  4. If I vote for the Findley Market picture for February, will you use the gorgeous leaf picture for March? Beautiful work!

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