I’m a Genie, now wish.

There’s this old rundown junk yard looking place just off the bike trail.  There are quite a few odds and ends lying around there, including some fancy old cars.  For some reason, when I see the place, it makes me think of the Djinn.  Perhaps I imagine there is an old bottle with a big strapping genie inside, waiting for a rub.  Then I think of the wishes I’d be granted.   How about you? Pretend I am your genie, what are your wishes?


Riding high.

Riding high.

Fixer up.

Wild west, in Ohio.

Public nuisance?

31 responses to “I’m a Genie, now wish.

  1. My 3 wishes:
    1. My mom had never been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
    2. A lifetime of good health, happiness and love for my son
    3. A lifetime of good health, happiness and love for my daughter

      • 1. The health and happiness of my family. Especially my brother these days.
        2. Life-long stability/security (I’ve never really wanted for the material things, just enough to keep food on the table, a roof over my head, and stress at bay).
        3. A long shot, but for there be a significant decrease of pain in the world… there’s a hell of a lot, I think we could all do without some of it!

  2. My wishes?
    Unlimited wealth for all my loved ones.
    Perfect health for all my loved ones.
    Peace, joy and unity for all my loved ones.
    Beautiful shots. I love the entire concept!

  3. That is a great place you found there. Thanks for sharing it’s treasures.
    My wishes?

    Time to do the thing I want.
    Money to afford the expenses.
    Health to enjoy the experiences along the way.

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