The secret language

Have you ever heard the whisper in the forest when you see a beautiful flower?  Have you felt the words that come to your mind when that sweet aroma grabs you?  No, it’s not audible.  It’s a secret language between people and flowers and it can only be heard in the soul and translated in the heart.

The entrance.

The entrance.

Fairy Dust

Passing out smiles.

Saying goodbye.

32 responses to “The secret language

  1. Beautiful shots..i heard it this morning wandering the property taking pics of Chocolate lilies and other amazing native spring blooms..i was also listening for snakes 😉 Fozziemum

  2. Yes. Daily. I hear the cries of butterflies who struggle to break out of their chrysalis, feel the energy flowing from ancient trunks, herbal flower heads that bob gently in the morning breeze; the peep of chicks, working to hatch from the incubator, so I run to get them out if too hot, and put them under the broody hen who started the process and had too many to sit on them all (21)…you capture the magic that I hear…lovely…

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