Claus stands along in his green kingdom.  Nobody is there to comfort him when he’s sad.  No one to return his chirps.  But, he doesn’t care.  He’s fine with himself. He thinks.

On top of old smokey.

On top of old smokey.

All smiles.

Contemplating life.

37 responses to “Claus

  1. What is this Claus is sitting on? Looks like some kind of brain to me … yeah, I’m way too tired today to look at such pictures in a way they might make sense to me, but I like Clause and his smile. Awesome shot 🙂
    But seriously, what is it he’s sitting on? Some kind of flower?

  2. Is the plant a hedge ball? Such an interesting texture. I thought at first it was a cauliflower, but that didn’t make sense. Would love to know what the crinkly plant is.

  3. This is a great photo. It looks as though Claus is standing on a green brain–a Martian’s brain! “Mars Attacks!”

    When I was born, we lived in a farmhouse with an Osage orange tree in the yard. My older brothers and I used to throw the fruits at one another. We were a cruel bunch of savages . . .

  4. he’s fine with himself, cause he always has a handy violin to play when he’s bored!!! love these shots!!! so good, you can see his expressions! 🙂

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