37 responses to “Claus

  1. What is this Claus is sitting on? Looks like some kind of brain to me … yeah, I’m way too tired today to look at such pictures in a way they might make sense to me, but I like Clause and his smile. Awesome shot 🙂
    But seriously, what is it he’s sitting on? Some kind of flower?

  2. Is the plant a hedge ball? Such an interesting texture. I thought at first it was a cauliflower, but that didn’t make sense. Would love to know what the crinkly plant is.

  3. This is a great photo. It looks as though Claus is standing on a green brain–a Martian’s brain! “Mars Attacks!”

    When I was born, we lived in a farmhouse with an Osage orange tree in the yard. My older brothers and I used to throw the fruits at one another. We were a cruel bunch of savages . . .

  4. he’s fine with himself, cause he always has a handy violin to play when he’s bored!!! love these shots!!! so good, you can see his expressions! 🙂

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