Clowns: Love em or hate em?

I like clowns.  How can you not like grown men who dress up in crazy outfits, who have faces with big smiles, and who try to make your laugh? I ran into this cute clown yesterday at Lebanon’s Applefest.  I caught him passing out ballon figures to the kiddies.



Preparing the goodies.

Deep in thought.

Smiling spreads joy.

Happy Clown day!

53 responses to “Clowns: Love em or hate em?

  1. Personally? Not a fan. My childhood dentist had pictures of old time creepy sad clowns all over the office AND on the ceiling for you to look at while he was in your mouth. YUCK. To this date I hate the dentist and clowns. Oh and Stephen King’s “IT” didn’t help either. ~Gina

  2. Clowning is like any other activity, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about it. For me,clowns are best when the balance the funny with another skill like Juggling, balloon art or magic.

    The guy in these pictures looks like he’s clowning properly.

  3. I made a clay clown in school… right when Poltergeist came out. Right in the closet it went. (I regret that in hindsight.)

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