The old bulb

As it hangs there, it contemplates just how it became to be in the monotonous position.  Lightly swaying in the breeze, it remembers a time when folks surround it with music and food.  It remembers being full of light; lighting up the Ohio sky with beams of yellow passion.  It longs to be silver and shinny again.  It aches to be needed, and even praised.  It wonders how long it will continue in this state; living in purgatory.

In between.

In between.


17 responses to “The old bulb

  1. Have been too busy to stop by in the recent weeks. So glad I just did on a quiet Saturday morning. Lovely pictures as always and pretty cool prose as well. Thank you, Seth, for sharing with us.

  2. I’ve never read anything like this, someone who can describe very well a forgotten light bulb. Impressive and love the photography style! 🙂

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