Update:  While we didn’t get the news we wanted regarding our Jeep, we are in the process of getting it fixed and back home.  We weighed all our options and felt this was the best course to take.  One crisis over, next.



The twins.

Almost there.

31 responses to “News

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get the warranty to cover the Jeep … that really sucks. I hope that this will be the last of the bad news, and going forward, I hope each day brings you and Todd more good news than bad. Times are tough … we’re in that same paycheck to paycheck cycle, with the cliff always just a step away. Hang on to each other, and stay strong.

    Peace, my friend…. and, may you find a lucky lottery ticket laying around. 🙂

  2. Sorry the warranty regarding your Jeep didn’t work out. If anything, at least that episode will come to an end.

    Absolutely like the mood of your last photo. There’s a story with the solitary rider, bench and abandoned building waiting to be told.

  3. It seems to be that either finances or health have streaks …ours is health and soooo frustrating..but we just have to take one drama at a time…I hope your trails are going to become more strewn with flowers and color and less strewn with thorns and prickles 🙂

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