The lonely tree

Before the first corn from the first settlers was planted it was there.  It’s seen generations of corn grow from seed to height.  The sunsets and sunrises come and go and it still stands.  Although they coexist, corn can’t communicate with trees.  They speak different languages.  They see the world differently.  They simply don’t understand each other.  The tree is alone, surround by strangers.

Awash is beauty.

Awash is beauty.



29 responses to “The lonely tree

  1. How the three got there and planted in the spot would be an interesting story…imagine the wonders it has witnessed…life sprouting from the ground, growing, blossoming, and fulfilling its mission on Earth…then a new cycle begins for the corn…and yet the tree has seemingly mastered eternity…

  2. Hi Seth,
    It seems I am late to see the world through your eyes.You have an excellent blog,glad to meet you. I will be back to look at your archives.Looking forward to read more from you!!!

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