Dancing on the edge of hope

It’s been a rough few months for Todd and I.  We seem to be living on the verge of economic catastrophe.   One more broken down car or one more bill and financially we’d be ruined.  Some things are a result of our failure and some completely out of our control.  But there’s a curve just up the road and we can’t see what’s beyond it.  It could lead us back to the land of the comfortable.  Tomorrow we may get a call from Jeep with news of complete warranty coverage.  Such a little thing could mean the world to us.  Of course it could be another rut, or deep pitfall.  Even in these hard economic times, we are lucky.  We have each other, a wonderful family, a great set of friends, and of all you.  And, we have hope.



It’s coming. Can you feel it?

Love leaves.

Don’t look back!


The edge.

In circles.


Rays of hope appear.

Helping hand.


112 responses to “Dancing on the edge of hope

  1. Very good photos. I really hope that everything will get better for you and Todd. By the way, thanks for liking my post “Perspective”
    Kind greetings,

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