Frankie’s catnip delusions

Franklin, the shy member of the family, loves his catnip.   A bit of the good stuff and Frankie’s in outer-space.  Luckily my camera has a catnip feature that captures what our human eyes can’t see.

Bright circly things.

Bright circly things.

Almost there.

My new best friends.

Play with me, please.

Hold it down!

Look at what I found!

La, la, la.

41 responses to “Frankie’s catnip delusions

  1. Yeah! now I know what it was I was drinking! Liquid catnip! And here all this time I thought it fault of Mssers. Andhouser and Busch.

    Nicely done Seth

  2. I am not even a cat owner but I just love these! If these are super popular I hope you take loads more. I met a man who published a book in Australia called Cattitude of all cat photos and quotes. Popular subject and you always take great photos of course 🙂

  3. Love it. Our cats are not shy at all. My Max cat rules all others in the house, including a 115 lb lab mix. Smokey loves cat nip – he rolls in it, coats himself with it. I call him crack kitty.

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