Before & After

Before the first boom rocked our eardrums, and prior to the explosion of color that invaded our eyes, mother nature provided the entertainment.  She lit the sky with brilliant pinks, purples, reds, and blues.  After the main event, the people of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky continued the entertainment with laughter, drunken strolls, lovers’ fights, and a grand exodus to their modes of transportation home.

Almost a rainbow sky

Almost a rainbow sky.

The path to Heaven runs through Cincinnati.

What’s to say?

Boat watcher’s paradise.

Sleepy sky.

The shows about to start.

The beauty still stays after the show ends.

Mass exodus.

The old S bridge grows tired.

All we like sheep have gone astray.

Drunk’s view.

Where’s Todd?


53 responses to “Before & After

  1. Amazing job of capturing something quite beautiful that touches the human spirit. Occasionally at night I do move the radio dial looking for WKRP and Dr. Johnny Fever…May Herb Tarlek and the and the turkeys that fell from the sky live forever.

  2. Boat watchers paradise, indeed! I love it when the mother nature just lits the sky in an unexpected, magical, amazing way that you would like or imagine it to be. Your images are whoa expert shots!

  3. Ah. I hated to miss the fireworks this year. Looks like it was a beautiful night. You captured the river and the boats so beautifully I kicked myself for not getting down there as I’d planned.

    • It was nice. This is the first time, I’ve been down at the river. Usually I go to a friend’s house who lives near the river and we can see some of the fireworks. We got there late, at 8. We were still able to find parking($10) and a spot.

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