Cincinnati’s special day

Yesterday was Cincinnati’s special day.  Every year on Labor eve, Cincinnati throws a massive party, capped by a grand fireworks show.  Folks from all over cram into their favorite lookouts to enjoy a day of fun, music, color, and boom.

Red rain.

Red rain.

Rounds of fire.

Solitary confinement.

Wires and fires.


Another world.

Cincinnati dreams.


Perfect view.

Fingers clinging.

Tinkerbell’s grand entrance.

Streams of consciousness.

Feeling patriotic.


Purple power.

52 responses to “Cincinnati’s special day

    • Thanks. actually I wasn’t in the best place but I wanted to make some unique fireworks shots, if that is possible. Hopefully, they are a little “off.” 🙂

  1. Whaaaat? These are incredible! Edinburgh had fireworks on Sunday ending the Fringe Festival, but the wind was so ridiculous it blew the entire display out to sea. Seriously jealous of these.

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