In the woods

Let’s take a stroll in the woods.  Through the weeds, and under the canopy of trees we’ll run.  But mind the snakes, spiders, and other bugs; it is their home after all.

Broken but beautiful.

Broken but beautiful.


Final resting place.

Hanging out.

Nothings over there.


Can you find me?

Weed view.

It’s been a long time.


Now go to sleep.


30 responses to “In the woods

  1. I think Concentration is my favorite, but I’m a sucker for depth of field games.

    Now I have “Stripped” by Depeche Mode playing in my mind: “Come with me/ Into the trees/ We’ll lay on the grass/ Watch the hours pass/ Take my hand/ Come back to the land/ Let’s get away/ Just for one day…”

  2. Ah, I’ve been away from Blog Land too long this summer. I’ve missed these. Such lush and gorgeous photos. Maybe it’s the close-ups, I don’t know, but something about how you do this really does capture the richness of all that foliage. lovely.

    • Tasha. Not really. Although, I am learning as I go. I have a new camera (for my 40th, getting old) and I am getting better at post processing. Thanks for your kind words. Hope all is well with you.

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