The secret society of “see”ers

Water in all its forms, draws me in.  Its rhythm, its continual transformation, and even its smell cause my mind to race.  A simple fountain display in a local park can entertain me for hours.  Perhaps it’s my simple mind, seeing the world like Jackson, my pup.  Or, perhaps I am a member of a masterful select few who can really “see.” Can you see?



Fairy dust.

In focus.

31 responses to “The secret society of “see”ers

  1. Beautiful pictures…I agree with you…water is not just the stuff of life, but in its clarity, is also capable of many beautiful forms….

  2. I think all photographers, of any skill, are see ers, it’s that creative part of our soul. Water in an amazing life force, always changing and evolving, never the same. Kids and dogs love it for the playful aspect I think too.

  3. The fountain at Lincoln Center is my favorite. I’m fascinated by how the light plays through the water. Sunny day or cloudy, it mesmerizes me for eons! xoM

  4. I love the first picture, I see fiery sentries on guard duty, they are coated in an eerie constant flow of water droplets, (dust) cooling them off and allowing them to be.

  5. You’re an incredibly lucky person to be able to see such beauty in the works around you… Thanks for sharing!

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