Your Story:Against the odds

I saw this leaf/petal perched on the edge of a water display, trying it’s best to fight against the tide.  Or at least this is how I see it.  And if you’ve been following our latest saga with Jeep/Chrysler on my Facebook page, then you understand why I might see a “fight” in this photo. But that is me.  What do you see in the photo? Write me a story.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.


15 responses to “Your Story:Against the odds

  1. Hey hey mister, no fighting mentality. Look at it as a sign of hope during a dark and desolate time. That’s what i see when i see this cute little green thing poking its head above ground. Brave enough to face the cold dark big bad world.

  2. With time..most of our memories wither away like the leaves…But, only a few stick on, guiding and consoling us, when life gets rocky….like this yellow little leaf !

  3. Rocks seem eternal, impervious to change. When one leaf gets into a crevice, though, it is not the end, but a new beginning. As the leaf disintegrates, it turns into soil, which may help a wandering seed to take root and grow. Gradually the rock erodes and the crevice widens and growth continue. Sometimes change happens so slowly that we never notice.

  4. That leaf’s name us Mike.
    He is my brother.
    Two stem cell transplants and new DNA.
    He now has three birthdays.
    He is reborn an old soul as old as the bedrock he is bursting through.
    CT scan moved up..WHY?
    Mike is not scared but we are.
    Mike is strong.
    We see the fragility of his life.
    Mike does not.

  5. Hey! Who said growing in rock couldn’t be done?

    Hope your round around with Jeep Chrysler gets resolved very soon. It sounds very maddening. My friends that had Chrysler products were greatly disappointed with them. One had the heater stop working during a cold winter trip to Nebraska. Another had her car break down near the Kansas border, requiring the car to be towed back 300 miles back to Colorado Springs.

  6. Someties it seems that life is leaning against us and toying with us not for a month or a year but for decades. There’s something you can do. Escape. Read. Meditate. Do art. Write.focus as hard as life is pushing against you. That’s the way us little guys can win agaist the evil side of life.

  7. All hell breaks lose at once. The darkness inside us clutches us and throws us back on the ground. We bleed but still we breathe. There’s always a little ray of hope inside us. Always a seed that wants to grow a tree out of itself. Always a sense of starting anew.

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