Enjoy the act of living

Life can be difficult at times.  Life can be wonderful at times.  Most of us have grasped this concept.  Yet in the difficult times we seem to forget that good times are in the distance waiting for our arrival.  Perhaps the key is to face the world like our pet family members face it.  Let’s try to live in the moment and find joy in the small things.  Breath in the beautiful air.  Take a sip of refreshing water.  Take a swing on a local swing.  Simply enjoy the act of living.

Explore new things.

Explore new things.

Enjoying the view.

Enjoying a friendly walk.

Enjoying the view.

A beautiful setting.

Enjoying a lay in the grass.

A lovely walk.

Slow motion.

Loving the water.

53 responses to “Enjoy the act of living

  1. Fantastic photo of the dog and the water feature – I would probably say that it’s one of your best 🙂

  2. That first photo makes me smile – he will be endlessly amused by that water. Dogs sure know how to live in the moment 😀 I wonder if they ever reminisce.

  3. I think I’m fairly good at enjoying the day no matter where I am, but, as your pictures suggest, the loveliest moments are sometimes the most common. I’m guilty of enjoying strolls in new places, but in my own hometown . . . not so much. I just don’t take the time. Thanks for reminding me to look around no matter where I am.

    • I think that is probably true for most of us. I used to travel quite often and lately, I’ve been staying around here and discovering new things.

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  5. I’ve missed your lovely pictures Seth! The one with the dog and the water is my favorite, but the color contrasts of the blue and browns is stunning too. Great message as well. 😀

  6. Personally I prefer to be grumpy, miserable and/or fed up as and when life demands it (which is quite a lot). Trying to be happy all the time is too exhausting.

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