Flowers at “The Banks”

In Cincinnati, there’s a great spot for flower watching.  It’s down off Pete Rose Way, just on this side of that old suspension bridge.  It’s called “The Banks” and you must visit it with me.

A view with a view.

A view with a view.

A bit of disorder.

Let’s see that again, a bit closer.

Aspiring to be that.

A spider dancing on the edge of insanity.

Strike a pose.

Jackson’s favorite.

In love with water.

Forgetting what’s in the distance.

Coming in for a soft landing.

Soft touch.

“Welcome one and all!”

Haunted by red and yellow.



The gang’s all here.

“Wait for me!”

Real beauty.

Beautiful place.

Take a bow.

57 responses to “Flowers at “The Banks”

  1. when you see the built environment as a backdrop and closer are the best part of nature..the lovely flowers for everyone to feast their eyes on..makes building and bridges are place to be..wandering away or reaching to..say it with flowers ..everyday

  2. I love red, and red roses as well. They mean love exist, but unfortunately I’m not lucky about love.

  3. I love that old suspension bridge in the background, what a super contrast with beautiful flowers.

  4. I loved the flow from individual flowers to a few more to “take a bow.” That was creative and well done. My favorite picture was pensive. Such a great description..

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  6. I particularly like the shot with the waterfall 🙂

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