Wind: photographer’s friend or foe?

While we were out last night, I took a few snaps of ordinary night views.  For some reason, normal night scenes appeal to me.  In these shots, you’ll see some blur in the trees.  This is because it was a very windy night and when using long shutters, anything that moves is blurred.  It sometimes takes away from the photos, but other times it seems to add a bit of mystique to the setting.  What do you think?

Perched on the border.

Perched on the border.

Late night park visit.

Tree pit.

We’ll leave the light on.

Spooky, cool, or bad?

It’s not what’s seen but what’s hidden that counts.

63 responses to “Wind: photographer’s friend or foe?

  1. Sometimes wind can be the most annoying thing ever. I usually later realize how it adds so much more to the picture. It adds movement, dimension, and most So i guess it’s our friend 🙂 I love the pics, especially the second one from the bottom.

    • Thanks Jessica. 🙂 I agree. Mostly it’s a friend. Although, last night, when taking the cityscapes and river scenes, I had to stand to the side of the tripod so the wind wouldn’t shake it.

  2. There’s really a mystic effect around the blurr. The lights also create an effect that I like. Night shots are beautiful, especially when you can see the boundaries that light creates for darkness, with ease.

  3. These pictures were so clear and so pretty. I like the home with the porch light on and the one at fence level with the windy trees at the end. But again all of them were really nice.

  4. Night of lights
    the wind brushed my side
    empty path..leading to the door
    Door with the light
    the railing of iron..having flood lights
    no one at sight..dim lights
    blurred sight
    what a night ..peaceful and quiet
    good for pictures and a stroll in park
    holding on hands not too tight 🙂

  5. I don’t have enough experience to comment on the pros or the cons of the wind… however, I do know that the wind was so cool Tuesday night when I was shooting some city views from the parking lot of the Celestial (and I was dressed for august, silly me) that it made me go home!!
    So, from that perspective, it was not a good thing.

  6. Wind: friend or foe? More often than not, I would say friend. But, it also depends upon the type of shot you’re trying to make. With your set, it added a sense of mystery … who’s in the shadows?

  7. I can’t even get my camera to take shots at night (it’s not a good camera) let alone as good as these. With or without the wind. I’ve never tried it before, but maybe you can use the wind to your advantage. On something like trees on a windy night, I wonder what a long exposure would look like. Might be quite nice. You’d be cold, but it might look nice.

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