NIght views

Cincinnati is a beautiful city any time of day, but she shines the most at night.  Todd and I went down to Newport and Covington, Kentucky to shoot some cityscapes of the Queen City from just across the Ohio.

Focus baby!

Focus baby!

My model.

Watching you, watching me.

The Majestic.

Bridges of the Ohio.

Like ice.

The colors.


Newport shark.

The ramp.


This is where the colors of the river start.

Nose hair.

The old bridge still shines.

Big wheel keep on..

Goodnight y’all.

49 responses to “NIght views

  1. great pictures!! Rreally makes me want to visit! Get Ohio to sponsor your work! they should, it paints them in a fantastic light!!

  2. This was really beautiful. You captured the lights and buildings aand bridges so well. You really should record lesons for youtube. I coud use the instruction and i bet there are pleny of others who’d like that too.

    • Thanks Donna. I’ll keep that in mind. For these shots, I used a tri-pod and set the shutter between 10-30 seconds and put the camera on remote. The longer the shutter the more twinkle in the lights and the more the river looks like ice/glass.

  3. Love the pictures. One of these days I’ll get down to the other side of the state and explore Cincinnati. Looks beautiful.

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