Beauty of bits

The bits and bobs that make up a forest are often overlooked and rarely seen.  They scream for our attention with bright colors and unique shapes.  Some are man made but most are of the natural variety.  Let’s take a look at a few bits I found while walking through Withrow Nature Preserve near Cincinnati.

The orange twins.

The orange twins.

Tiny specks of wildflower color.

Coming up for air.

Shy Sue.

Layer me.


Almost hidden.

Seeing clearly.

Wing span.

Tiny vases.

Out of place?

You tell me.


Purple love.

Ello luv.

22 responses to “Beauty of bits

  1. Beautiful,i agree the forest is an amazing hidden gem,at the moment I amgetting some lovely winter shots of funghi and sundews fresh little native grasses,mosses it is a wonderland here now 🙂

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