River fun

Let’s take a ride down the Little Miami River.  Hop on board and take in all the beauty that Southwestern Ohio has to offer.

River fun.

River fun.

Head toward the light.

Ohio Red.

Gettin’ ready.


Castle on a cloud.

Shade time.

Barking dogs.

Bridge over…

Flowing nicely.

31 responses to “River fun

  1. Hi Seth, I love the image of the boats waiting their time under the trees – they seem to be posed in either full rugby scrum or at a solemn monastic distance. Look forward to see some more pics from the river.

  2. I couldn’t wait to see the photos after reading the title (I’ve had quite a bit of river fun myself lately). There’s just nothing like water, right? Enjoyed your photos!

  3. I really like “bent” It is so colorful, with so much anticipation, with all the boats ready to go. One of my favorite summer-time activities is to be on the water, exploring and checking things out, splashing yourself and others when it gets too hot. Thanks for sharing!

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