Your Story: Rise & Shine

It was an amazing sunrise this morning.  I thought you’d give me the proper story for such a beautiful sunrise.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.



28 responses to “Your Story: Rise & Shine

  1. One day years from now i will go Home. i’m going to request from the Head Guy if I may assist in painting the sky each morning. “There are morning skies and evening skies, skies in Japan and skies in Canada. So I believe you could possibly need a wannabe artsy heavenly girl to paint a little somewhere.” He’ll answer “you might be a wannabe, not quite artsy yet, but we can teach anyone who has seen the beauty in what the predecessor carefully, meticulously, lovingly has given to those below. Get your chalk and watercolors in the supply room!”

  2. It’s a ritual that the sun and I have.

    The sun starts work a little earlier than I do. As it goes about the work of burning off the morning mist and drying this road and the grass in the fields, I stand out in the middle of the asphalt in my bath robe and slippers with my first coffee of the day in hand, quietly appreciating our relatively small star going about her morning chores.

    A bit later, she reciprocates and watches me make my way into town along the road she’s dried and begin my work.

    Hopefully I impress her at least a small fraction as much as she impresses me.

  3. Sunrise is my absolute favorite time of day. There’s nothing like it, and you’ve captured its essence beautifully.

  4. Give me that road,
    That I may never waiver from a run again

    Give me that view,
    For my heart yearns for peace.

    Give me that photo,
    So my mind may never forget the view.

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