Wild things of Ohio

Wild flowers galore fill forever fields with yellows, purples, and reds.  Sassy insects hum busy little tunes and fly unique dances as they go about their lives.  It’s just another weekend stroll in Ohio.

Run away with me.

Run away with me.

Lost in a sea of flowers.

Three amigos.

Nature emoticon.

A whole new world.

Taking off.

On the lookout.

Everything’s looking up.

The stare off.

Taking flight.

Coloring book.

Voice of America Park: West Chester, Ohio

48 responses to “Wild things of Ohio

  1. What a glorious image of the fields..love the three amigos shot…love it…puts a smile on my face as I sit with the dark clouds and the rain and the fire roaring..missing the colors of spring and summer… 🙂

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