What’s your fancy? The fair

I’ve decided to start a new series called “What’s your fancy?”  In this series, I’ll post the same picture with different post shot editing and let you decide which is your favorite.  The following picture is a traditional fair scene in the United States.

The setup.

I took this shot with my Nikon D3100 and the normal standard lens.  I used a five second shutter.  The longer shutter allows the ferris wheel to have a solid color look and creates a trail for anything that moves.  I didn’t have my tripod so I found a solid surface and placed the camera on a timer.

Post shot editing.

The editing was a two step process.  In the first part, I used Photoshop to enhance the color and the lighting.  I usually just take advantage of the programs auto fixes.  In the second phase, I used a program called FX Photo Studio to strip color and leave only one specific color. (Except for the original shot.)

So what’s your fancy?

Full color. The blur you see on the left is a kid jumping on a ride.

Full color. The blur you see on the left is a kid jumping on a ride.

Only blue.

Only magenta.

A feature called Black, White, & Red Comic Book.

83 responses to “What’s your fancy? The fair

    • Thanks. For some reason I’ve never been one to eat at fairs. I think because it’s hot, the people, the smells, and the rides take my appetite. Todd on the other hand eats like a pig at fairs(funnel cakes fries etc.)

      • Cotton candy always lures me in, no matter how greasy the air and people are. Love your photographs. What kind of phot editing software do you recommend? My daughter and I use iPhoto and are looking at Aperture. We are both about Two years into our photography.

  1. The black, white, and red comic style is really neat. It can really work for the right setting.

  2. Hi Seth, Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed again! So so awesome. So where is this neat fair! Doesn’t look like Kings Island to me!

  3. Wonderful, and I recently finished Stephen King’s latest, Joyland: heightened enjoyment.

  4. I have totally forgotten about this program, you told me months ago – just check out … and very cheap in SEK. Excellent – I will get it, because I always liked how you play with the colors … of this gallery – the last is my favorite.

  5. I’d go for the magenta only one. As a very amateur photographer myself, I always try to go for shots that seem counter-intuitive to make the most interesting shots. One would assume a carnival to be full of colour and life, but by taking that out, it forces the mind to think again. I like it when my photos make you think. I think the magenta only one does just that.

  6. I like the colors best. Fairs always assault all of the senses, with bright colors, high speeds, fragrant smells–the color version captures that feeling best for me.

  7. I love a straight black and white, which I think, going on the single colours here would suit this picture. Of the choices, my favourite here is definitely the last, the black white and red comic.

  8. Black whte and red comic book..strangely the full color for me distracts from what is actually going on..perhaos I am a weirdo 😉
    Great shots 🙂

  9. The full colour is my favourite by far! Love that photograph… takes me to a different place. 🙂

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  11. I love the black, white and red comic. I think that the detail of the carousel in the centre of the image is lost in the other two processed images. (I also like the full colour, but the last one is my favourite.)

  12. I love the first photo – full of action and bright colours! I think the colours really enhance the image and give the full detail of this varied and interesting shot
    Really nice idea you have, in the ‘What’s your fancy?’

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