Playing with fire

Talent competitions at county fairs bring out all sorts of artistic displays.  The Warren County fair was no different this year.  This gentlemen’s talent was playing with fire.

Won't you like my candle.

Won’t you like my candle.

Picture it, Lebanon, Ohio 2013…

Seduction of the Pyromaniac.

Every body was kung-fu fire dancing.


Stay blue.

This way.

Turn around.

Fly my pretties.

Thinking about the big finale.

Yellow palace.

Almost there.

The finale.


16 responses to “Playing with fire

  1. Love’s world wide..a recent fair in town had a bright pink dressed lady,with flaming hula hoops..all six of them…not a fire truck in sight hahaha great shots 🙂

  2. I sound like an old record every time I comment … brilliant. I love that you have picked up one color detail in each shot. But I have said that before too. Top one my favorite. Have a great week.

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