Funny red faces

Funny red smily faces but up against gigantic earths.  Beautiful checkered planets line up next to the likes of scarecrows and animals.  Magnificent flying contraptions filled with hot air float almost silently and light up the night.  They entertain the moon and the stars. But they are only momentary.  As quick as they light up, they disappear into the night.  Captured by snaps, remember by minds but gone til next year.

Light up my life.

Light up my life.


Lost souls.

Funny face.

Light me yellow

Lighting bugs to a dust mite.

46 responses to “Funny red faces

  1. Some nice looking balloons, I like the one that looks like earth with the continents on it. I would like to try ballooning sometime, in some of the planet earth dvd’s they did the filming from balloons and it is so impressive. Thanks for the beautiful shots, now take some from up in a balloon!

  2. Thanks for this Seth….It has reminded me of a few years ago when I was in Egypt and took my first ever balloon flight over the River Nile…it was absolutely awesome! This brought back all those wonderful feelings….thanks, and have a wonderful day! Regards, Barbara xxxxx

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