Whistle while…

The Middletown, Ohio Ballon festival(Ohio Challenge) was a cheap and fun event to attend.  There were funnel cakes, corn dogs, fried Oreos, classic cars, skydivers, and of course balloons.  The balloons were fantastic but I’ll show you those later.  What I found more interesting, was what was required in getting those gigantic devices up in the air.  It seems the folks shared a great passion for their work and it showed on their faces.

Almost too hot to handle.

Almost too hot to handle.


Break time.


Roll it out.

Getting it done.

Lighting it up.

Seeing red.

Steady boys.


Alllmost goooot it.

Stranger in a strange hat.

Deep in thought.

Ant seating.


45 responses to “Whistle while…

  1. Seth, I got to work with a hot air balloon crew once, and it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life! Then I got a ride in the balloon! Fabulous. Everything is silent up there.

  2. Stellar series! Love the unusual perspective in this set!
    (MANY folks focus on the balloons up in the air already… but few focus on the human element like this)

  3. I LOVE people! So many diverse interests and passions in this world, it’s what makes the world a wonderful place 🙂 Thanks for sharing this behind-the-scenes snip-it 🙂

  4. Very nice. I love the Ant seating. I also like how you showed the steps leading up to the balloons in the air, and the spotting of color is awesome.

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