Flying Free

Jump. Fly. Live. Skydive. Join Todd and I as we experience a summer festival in the heart of America.  Let’s start it off with folks falling from the sky with bits of red and trailing white. Followed closely by white stars floating in a sea of blue.  Patriotism oozing out of every scene, every view.

Blind me with color.

Blind me with color.

Falling from Heaven.

Sun saturation.

Coming in.

Old Glory.

Fly me.


Dance of the flag.



Stop time.

Doublemint twins.

Making it look easy.

Location: Middletown, Ohio: Ohio Challenge. More to come.

29 responses to “Flying Free

  1. hi Seth – thanks for visiting my blog – I’ve spent the morning perusing your photos – lovely, lovely work. i’m up in Delaware, Ohio at the moment, ponies and I are having a bit of a rest – will be riding out again late next week and am wondering if there’s any possibility you might be able and willing to meet us along the road someplace and take some photos of our Journey? I’d love to feature you as a guest photographer on my blog (and it’s hard to take photos of myself 😉 ) Blessings and Adventures – Sea

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