A cemetery and a cousin

As some of you know, I like to dabble in a bit of genealogy.  I don’t know why it interest me, but I find it like a giant puzzle.  Most of my ancestors are from the deep south, the Carolinas, or Virginia.  Occasionally, I’ll stumble on a distant cousin who wondered up this way.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn of a cousin(7th, 3x removed, mother’s side) who lived in the same town in which I currently live.  I went in search for his grave today and I found it.

I've been found.

I’ve been found.

My cousin and his wife.

Nice resting place.


Dance of the lonely tree.

Short life but loved.

Location: Morrow, Cemetery: Morrow, Ohio

47 responses to “A cemetery and a cousin

  1. I also went to a cemetery today. I wish I’d taken my camera today, it was beautiful. Some of the gravestones were from the early 1800’s.

    • Dale. This is in Morrow, Ohio. Morrow is located in Warren county in the southeastern part of the state. In between Cincinnati and Dayton.

  2. An ancestor no matter how far removed still has a lot of interest to offer. Family history, not just my own, is great. Old cemeteries give us just enough tantalising insight to lives, to wonder about so much more, and think on even the shortest.

    • Indeed. I think about those cousins, aunts and uncles who never had children. Or perhaps those bits of family that died out and are still undiscovered until I find them.

  3. How cool that you found family! I love cemeteries. I actually have a post thats been a draft for almost a year from our cemetery (that looks alot like this one) that I need to get to one day!

  4. Cemeteries are amazing places to find beautiful things..head stones with such a small amount of space to sum up your life ..incredible..lovely post 🙂

  5. When we travel, we also look for hubby’s family and photograph their tombstones. I think it’s beautiful to have a connection to your roots like that!

  6. I’m big into genealogy. It brings me a sense of belonging, plus I learn a lot of history. It’s cool that you found a cousin so close, too bad you didn’t get to meet him. I’ve met some distant cousins, but only online. I love visiting cemeteries too. Great photos.

  7. I’m not big on ancestry. I know a couple of my brothers and I kind of remember my mom. But I love wandering in cemeteries. They have a certain unique scent trail. Your cousin’s resting place looks like a pleasant place. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love looking into my ancestry. I’m fortunate to live on family owned land. A cemetery was found several years ago by a neighbor that owns a huge plot of my ancestors land. Turned out to be from the mid to late 1800’s and is now part of a cow pasture. Some of my family went in and marked as many of the plots as possible and only one had an actual head stone. I walked over with my son and cousin a couple of weeks ago and it was so overwhelming to stand where my ancestors had years ago. It’s nestled in a patch of cedar trees and old oaks on a hill. I’ll have to post the pictures soon.

  9. At one time, I was seriously “into” my ancestral roots. I often told my children stories about their distant ancestors. Not only was the search like a giant puzzle, with each piece contributing to the big picture, but I found strengths in myself by learning about my ancestors. One of my ‘way back granmothers was Godgifu, better known to the world as Lady Godiva. Learning her story has inspired me always to stand up for what I believe in, even if it makes me feel like a naked person, riding alone through the streets. Love these cemetery shots. In New York, where I grew up, there is one cemetery with only my Gifford family buried there. It amazed my kids when I took them there.

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